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Minibar2k: Control Foobar2k from your PDA (PocketPC based)

Minibar2k v0.50 has just been released! For details, instruction, download, etc see

Both Windows Mobile 2005 and Windows Mobile 2003 SE are now supported

Original post

Right. I recently acquired a PDA. I'm interested in devving for it and I think this would be a perfect project to get started with.

In essence it would be a small app that would run on your PDA that controls Foobar through foo_controlserver, with all the 'play' related buttons, playlists, searching, volume control, etc.

Note that if I do this, it will be written in C# and will mostly like require Windows Mobile 2003 or 2005.

The question is, will I be reinventing the wheel (I couldn't find a similar thing for Foobar2k) and if not, is anyone else interested in it? (ofcourse it would also require you have some connection from your PDA to your PC, beit over WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS or whatever )


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thank you!
please make it...

of course, the ideal should be having the same interface foobar has, but in the pda... too bad we aren't talking about opensource ;P

but please, make the app... having the pda as a remote control would rule ;D



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Yes, yes, please do!! This will be a great plugin. I am sure that nothing like it exists right now. Will be cool using my iMate to control fb2k
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sounds interesting. i dont have a pda though. however, if this turns out to be a sucess, it might be worth my while to get one.


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Well seems it's a go then

So far I've written classes that do all the interfacing with foo_controlserver, keeping cached info clientside all with memory usage considerations etc etc.

Next is the UI (normal desktop windows test version first) and getting it all to work on the PDA (such issues as connectivity, deployment etc I have not really looked at yet)

All in all, I'd say not too bad progress for about 12 hours work, and do note I have never even touched C# or .NET before in my life  (actually, I am doing this for 3 reasons: (1) control Foobar from my PDA, (2) Learning C#, (3) Learning how to develop for the PDA, perfect project I'd say )

@neooffs: I have never said I wouldn't release the source - classes in the project may well be useful to other people for other foobar-controlling applications (as the code will compile on normal .NET as well as .NET Compact (.NET for PDA's)).

if you would be so kind as to provide info about your PDA like what brand/type it is, links to specs, what operating system it runs, etc. Seems I will be requiring .NET Compact Framework 2.0. I know all PDA's with Windows Mobile 2005 (aka Windows CE 5) have it, but I don't know about PDA's with Windows Mobile 2003 and the likes. For testing I only have a T-Mobile MDA Vario myself, I believe it is also known as the QTek 9000/9100 and ...something... Wizard.


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Well seems not many are interested, finishing it nonetheless. As I've been working on it a bit on my free time I have a lot more details now.

Minibar2k will require
- the Pocket PC variant of PDA/phones
- .NET Compact Framework 2.0 (easily installed)
- Windows Mobile 2005 (unsure if it will work on the 2003 release)

So far it supports
- All the usual stuff like stop, pause, play, next, prev, rand
- Playlists (all those you have in Foobar itself)
- Queue (adding, removal, "as playlist")
- Search (almost finished)

So it's mostly done really, just little stuff to be added like volume control, position (time, seeking?), about screen etc. The hard part is done, and I must say I have already much enjoyed some hours controlling Foobar from the couch

So far my journey into C# and the .NET Compact Framework has not been too amusing, .NETCF lacks the most basic features (like timeouts on your tcp connections as a silly example). My advice to anyone reading this... don't go there!


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actually im quite interested with this program..

i got the o2 atom (wm5 device too)

i would like to ask how does this really work.. is it working via wifi or something?



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Well it's 4 parts really:

1) Foobar2k
2) foo_controlserver
3) Some sort of connection
4) Minibar2k

Minibar2k just controls Foobar2k by creating a normal TCP/IP connection to foo_controserver. In essence, Minibar2k is just a nice user interface around that.

How you create this TCP/IP connection is up to you. Possibilities are WiFi (which I use myself for it), BlueTooth (haven't tried that though, I seem to have misplaced my dongle), GPRS (tested and works), UMTS, USB cable...
Ofcourse GPRS and UMTS are slower than WiFi, but in reality you won't really notice it much as the whole thing is not lightning fast in the first place.

Any way your phone can connect to your computer is a good way. Might take some tinkering with your phone's settings to get it working though. I'd say, if you have WiFi in your house, and your computer is reachable from the accesspoint, that would be the easiest way to connect yes


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Right, the first version has just been released! Read all the details, instructions and download it at

I have not attached the file, as you do really need to follow the instructions to get it working

Keep the discussion in here though!


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finally it works. (i didn't know, that i have to set the port of the control server to 23)

it's relly a great thing (with a cool name). I use it with my loox n520.
great work. keep it up.

btw: if you are working on minibar2k again, add a "t" to the "setings" menu point 

and it is crashing when you press next or previous in an empty queue or playlist
: you don't have to know it.
: just know someone who knows it.


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Im surprised so few people reply to this topic.

May I just say:



Well ok I'll have to admit something, I haven't used, installed, or even downloaded this thing yet
But I'm an intensive user of remoteamp for winamp (but winamp sucks.  )

Are you still interested in this project yourself? Do you want me to give you suggestions? Im good at suggestions and can probably keep you off the streets for weeks.


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What would the server connection settings be for hooking up to my computer via USB?  I can't seem to figure this out.  I plan on getting bluetooth...but until then...




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Hi JJongma,

Nice work!

FYI: a plugin for foobar2000 is also being developed for controlling foobar via pda with netremote/mediabridge or by regular infra red remote via girder.



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OK....I now have it showing up as connected (in a telnet window on the computer)...but the files don't display on the mobile phone that I am using.  If I telnet in from my computer it shows the phone's IP address as being connected but it doesn't show anything in the phone's Minibar2k window.

Any help??  I really want this to work.  By the way...the server works flawlessly from a telnet connection.  I think I may have to find a telnet application for windows mobile if I can't make this work.

Update....I can sometimes get a green square if I go into the about screen after hitting Connect...and It will show some playlists....I don't really use any except the default library view.


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Hi JJongma,

Nice work!

FYI: a plugin for foobar2000 is also being developed for controlling foobar via pda with netremote/mediabridge or by regular infra red remote via girder.


Could you perhaps point us at an URL for this?

Minibar2k is sadly kinda buggy - it keeps crashing.

Sadly this is far from freeware.. $40..


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Does anyone know enough about programming on Windows Mobile 5 to continue with a similar project?  All you would need to do would be to pass a few text strings to the foobar control server via telnet.  I can connect with my Treo 700w via telnet and control foobar...but typing out "next" every time I want to change songs takes too long.


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uhm, hi.
you probably don't know me, how could you..
anyway, i am currently developing a "clone" of minibar2k, with some more features.
in general i don't like to steal the ideas from others, but i am seeing this project isn't having any progress.

at the moment my app can change the volume, it has a seekbar, it can display the current playlist and also change the track. so you see, there are new features, but the good old ones are missing, so i have to do them next.

i hope i will finish a first beta version within the next days, and if you have some ideas/feature requests, please post them.

you also can contact me via icq: 329-545-252


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I'd be glad to see an improved version of Minibar2k =)

As soon as I will reinstall my wifi I'll test it.

dominikh, please show us your (current) solutions for controlling foobar!


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It will use the same method as minibar2k, using the controlserver plugin.
the user interface will be slightly modified, making space for the new features like seeker and volume control.
but i won't show anything till i've finished a first beta. but this will be within the next days.

It will support Windows Mobile 2003, 2003SE and 2005. It requires the .net compact framework  2.0


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dominikh, any progress on this? Love minibar, but I miss a volume controll... Hope to see something from you  *crosses fingers*


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dominikh, any progress on this? Love minibar, but I miss a volume controll... Hope to see something from you  *crosses fingers*

uhm, everything, excepting the search function, is working. but unfortunately there are some problems reading and sending data from/to foobar. this means, sometimes it can happen that receiving of the playlists/the playlist fails.

as soon at it will work without any problems i will inform you.


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So, its finally there.
You can get it here ->
Just copy the file onto your Pocket Pc and execute it. Except from the .net compact framework it will install everything what's needed.
it's only a first beta, so if you find any kind of bugs or if you have feature requests etc feel free to post them.
Whats missing? A search function, a help and a 'Add to queue'

So, good luck and have fun

Edit: hehe, i forgot something: this string u must set as the output string in the controlserver settings in foobar:

(yeah i know, two fields are twice there, i'll "fix" it in the next release)


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Works great  thanks. minibar has an option to turn off album info. How about implementing this? Atleast I get linebreaks on every track. Album info isn't really that important, so the ability to turn it off would be great.


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Nice to hear that it's working.
About the option for turning off the album info: I didn't implement it, because I didn't know it exist in minibar  Now I've found it and of course I will add it.
About the linebreaks on every track. I have two choices: Linebreak on every track or on no track. Unfortunately I can't tell the application to only break the lines if needed. Hm, but maybe I will find a workaround.

In the next release you will find some other new features, too.
So stay tuned.


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So, a new version is out.
Again, you can get it here:

Now you have to set the following strin as the output string in foobar: %_length_seconds%|%title%|%artist%|%album%|%tracknumber%

And here the changelog for the new version:

- changed the output string which has to be set in the foobar preferences
- added an option for changing the background color
- added a function for sending a custom command to foobar
- added a button for playing a random track
- added a window displaying information about the foobar controlserver
- added an option for setting a display string
- modified the resync menu
- function for checking for a new version

todo for the next version:
pretty much

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