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Mareo 4 and Lame 3.97b
I'm trying to create a flac and mp3 file at the same time using EAC and Mareo
These are the two paremeter lines:

PARAMETERS = -8 "[SOURCE]" -o "[DESTTMP]" -T artist="[ARTIST]" -T album="[ALBUM]" -T title="[TITLE]" -T tracknumber="[TRACKPADDED]" -T date="[YEAR]" -T genre="[GENRE]" --replay-gain

PARAMETERS = --alt-preset insane --ta "[ARTIST]" --tl "[ALBUM]" --tt "[TITLE]" --tn "[TRACKPADDED]" --ty "[YEAR]" --tg "[GENRE]" "[SOURCE]" "[DESTTMP]"

Both are working fine but mareo gives me errors on both extractions (and does not create the flac or mp3 file) when I add additional options that I want to use:

a) adding a -V into the flac paremeter, but this works fine directly from EAC
b) adding --add-id3v2 --pad-id3v2 into the mp3 parameter, becuase I want to use my own genres and also pad the track numbers between 1 and 9 with a zero

Any ideas how I can get these additional command line options working via Mareo


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Mareo 4 and Lame 3.97b
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please, post under MAREO 4 discussion topic

also, what are the logs?