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Nero AAC Recommended Settings

The latest encoder can be downloaded from:

Code: [Select]
Approx. average bitrate <-> Quality table
  Bitrate          Quality
  ~16                 0.05    
  ~33                 0.15
  ~66                 0.25
  ~100                0.35
  ~146                0.45
  ~192                0.55
  ~238                0.65
  ~285                0.75
  ~332                0.85
  ~382                0.95

Using VBR mode (-q) will give the best quality. The default setting is -q 0.5, which will give about 160-170kbps on average. For ABR, use the -br options. For CBR, use -cbr. Note that the bitrate is in bits per second, not kilobits.

Note that using 2-pass encoding makes no sense in VBR mode!

When encoding from the commandline, sending the input over stdin is supported, but then you should also use -ignorelength. This is not needed when using temporary files.

The package includes a commandline MP4 tagger.


foobar2000 0.9.x or later (recommended over 0.8.3):

Choose MP4 (Nero) as Output format.


Either (simple, no tagging):

-q 0.5 -if %s -of %d

Or (more complicated):

User-defined Encoder, file ending .mp4
Program used: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe

additional commands:
/c ""C:\path\to\neroaacenc.exe" -q 0.425 -if %s -of %d && "C:\path\to\Neroaactag.exe" %d -meta:artist="%a" -meta:album="%g" -meta:track="%n" -meta:title="%t" -meta:genre="%m" -meta:year="%y""

Make sure that “Add ID3 Tag" is disabled.


  -q 0.5 -if [InFile] -of [OutFile]
  • don't forget to include at least one blank space character before your first argument,
  • The "[InFile]" and "[OutFile]", as written above, are not variables looking for a substitution. With dBPowerAmp, you literally write them in just like that, as they appear above, with the square brackets.

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