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Topic: Album List / UI Columns Playlist View / ape cue Bug (Read 1186 times) previous topic - next topic

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Album List / UI Columns Playlist View / ape cue Bug
Pretty sure this is a bug, although a very minor one.  (edit:  re-written for clarity)

PROBLEM: Selecting albums which are cue files from the album browser does not show the same "sorting" behaviour as regular split mp3 files.

If i sort by      artist | album | tracknumber - track                      all is good


If i sort by      artist | album            only      (ie, i dont want individual track names showing up as branches in the album list panel)

...then that album will only appear in the playlist-view sorted by tracknumber if they are separate named files.

If it's a cue file....the files of the album *will* of course appear, but they are in a random jumbled order.

I only have cue/ape to test this with, but I would guess it's the same for cue/wav  and cue/flac.

Like I said, minor bug, it's only a matter of clicking on the tracknumber column each time I pick an ape/cue album to correct this.  Of course I could do a low level sort in album list.  But I don't like those extra branches.  I don't see the point in having individual tracks in an album show up there.  With the increasing popularity of the single-file/cue  method, maybe this could become a more common problem in future?
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