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Compile vorbis tools for Windows


Is there anyone here who knows how to compile vorbis tools so it can run on windows?

Here is a link to the source code

I am particularly interested in being able to run ogg123.exe in windows and the link above seems to have the source code for this command line program within it!

Can anyone help?



Compile vorbis tools for Windows

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Well, ogg123 uses libao, which doesn't seem to run on windows. So chances sre slim...

Compile vorbis tools for Windows

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I had a use for ogg123.exe on Windows as well, and found it in Cygwin.  However, for my intended use (24x7 redirection of a Vorbis stream to an Airport Express) it was lacking in stability.  After about 40 minutes of playing the stream, it would start introducing sharp noises into the audio.  Depending on your intended use, the Cygwin version may work fine.