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--verbose output of all --quality settings
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My 48 kHz files are recording from vinyls or tapes, that I made with my computer. I prefer using the DAT deck as an external digital device for playback/record, than my soundcard, because it has CINCH analog in/outputs, instead of jacks, it has more headroom in the analog input (the soundcard clips), and an analog level setting.
But it's an old consumer deck, that only allows to record in 48 kHz 16 bits (short play), or 32 kHz 12 bits (long play). No 44.1 kHz available for recording.

Using a 44.1 kHz sample rate allows to record (in lossless mode) frequencies until 22.05 kHz, and 48 kHz until 24 kHz (N kHz allows to record until N/2 kHz). Other frequencies are not defined in the digital representation.