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Mp3 to Wav
I'm looking for a Library or a Command Line Software that i can use to convert an mp3 file to a wav file
Or in last resort, one that i can use to convert a headerless raw PCM to a Wav File (since i can already convert and MP3 to that PCM)

I'm working on Windows XP, so if it's a Command Line Software, it has to work on this SO


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Mp3 to Wav
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You can easily decode mp3 files with lame.
"lame --decode filename.mp3"

Download link to lame 3.97 beta 2:

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Mp3 to Wav
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for WINDOWS CLI i would suggest madplay, found here:


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Mp3 to Wav
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If you decide to use LAME, you might want to get the version that is *fixed for decoding*, instead of the one that was linked to two posts above (...which does not account for en/decoder sample offset/delay).
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Mp3 to Wav
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Thank you for all answers
I'm currently using lame --decode and it works exactly how i wanted it