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What happened to uSHFileOperation?

I'm the author of foo_massdelete. I will try in the (near hopefully) future to port it to v0.9, but I'm really a little bit lost. For now, I have 2 questions, if anyone knows:
-What happened to uSHFileOperation and string_list_nulldelimited? Will they be included in a later SDK?
-How can I get a bitmask of the currently selected items in the visible playlist?
My knowledge of C++ is very limited btw, I'm into C# mostly...
Does anyone know of any plugin's source code that's available for v0.9?
If I can't port it, I'll eventually post the source code...

Thanks in advance!

What happened to uSHFileOperation?

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MODS: Please move this to "Development" and delete this line, I screwed up.

I'm the author of foo_massdelete. I will try in the (near hopefully) future to port it to v0.9

Can you open the source code when porting is done?

What happened to uSHFileOperation?

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uSHFileOperation and string_list_nulldelimited were removed. The best idea would be to create your own helper class using array_t<TCHAR> and string_os_from_utf8 and call SHFileOperation directly.

To get a bitmask of the selected items, use this:
Code: [Select]
static_api_ptr_t<playlist_manager> pm;
t_size playlist = ...; // index of playlist, use pm->get_active_playlist() for active playlist.
bit_array_bittable mask(pm->playlist_get_item_count(playlist));
pm->playlist_get_selection_mask(playlist, mask);

In case you just want the selected items, replace the last two lines with:
Code: [Select]
metadb_handle_list items;
pm->playlist_get_selected_items(playlist, items);

I'm currently porting the component tutorial to 0.9; it should be available within the next days (hopefully tomorrow).

What happened to uSHFileOperation?

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@foosion: Thanks very much, I'm anxiously waiting for your tutorial!

@$ergi0: I might just post the source code, if I'm not able to port it.

What happened to uSHFileOperation?

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       I haven't quite followed the development up to v0.9, so I didn't know that File operations->Delete files is now available!! I find no reason to port it to v0.9. If anyone wants the source code, pm me to e-mail it to him.

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