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ISO Music recognition software
A few years back, I burnt some CD compilations that included many instrumentals, and never bothered to keep a tracklist.

Now that I've got much better software and hardware, I'd like to re-rip some of the titles, but the problem is that I no longer have any idea what some of the tracks are.

Does anyone know of any software that can analyse the tracks for me? There is a company in the UK called Shazam, that allows you to play music down your phone (for example, when you're in a club), and they will text you back the details. However, it costs £1 (appx. $2) per tune, which in my case, would quickly add up.

Is there any such consumer software on the market?

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ISO Music recognition software
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Try Musicbrainz. (Link)
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ISO Music recognition software
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I bet even Shazam can only identify a handful of tracks. Probably the hits of the last few years. If you have a bit odd music, I am sure it would fail. There are just too much music out there.  Sorry for being sceptical. I have no proof. Just a common sense feeling.


ISO Music recognition software
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If you leave if for a few weeks/months, then the software from MusicIP should be able to do just what you want with their MusicDNS services. Look, they're even teaming up with MusicBrainz.


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ISO Music recognition software
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There is also Tunatic (free download):