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Conversion g.726 to wav or mp3
Hi. I'm trying to commandline convert g.726 files from a digital voice recorder to .wav or mp3 (or any other usable) format.

I've tried, with little success, MMconvert and SOX (plus some other freeware GUI-Apps)

Is there any way to install a codec to recognize these files away from the recorder? I cant even listen to them.

the File that comes out of the recorder is named  "VOC__001.726"

anybody got any clues?

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Conversion g.726 to wav or mp3
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Basically ITU g.726 is just a raw adpcm stream. Perhaps the problem is that the software you tested did not recognize the number of bits per sample, which may vary within this standard. Sample rate is 8 kHz, bits per sample 2, 3 , 4 or 5, that makes an effective bitrate of 16,24,32,40 kbps.

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Conversion g.726 to wav or mp3
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thanks! I guess I have to try the different settings through with SOX.

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Conversion g.726 to wav or mp3
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just to clear thing up and finalise this thread:

I wasnt able to find anything to do a commandline conversion of such files.
I was able to play back the file with gxtranscoder (

Hope this helps someone.