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get your now playing in your AIM profile
Hey all,

after poking around the net, i discovered a successful way to get your foobar now playing song to automatically update in your AIM profile, without using GAIM or some other nasty 3rd party client.

You need:

the foo_text plugin

AIM version 5.5.3595

Otsego 1.15, an AIM mod kind of like deadaim

What you need to do:

configure foo_text to output your currently playing info to a file somewhere (c:\temp\nowplaying.txt, etc.). have it update on new song only, that way your profile will always have the last played song even if you are not playing music. turn off the timer update. i used a formatting string like so:

listening to %artist%, "%title%", from '<i>'%album%'</i>'

in the now playing tab of foo_text. make sure it overwrites and not appends the output file.

install otsego and mess with the settings to your liking. disable ads, etc., set profile editor to "quick". go into the profile editor in your new Otsego-enhanced AIM and go to the "extras" tab. set the quote file to point to your now playing file. a random quote from a file with only one line will not be random, eh?

then in your profile somewhere put the phrase


. and... every minute Ostego will rewrite your profile so that the %rq is replaced with  the current contents of the nowplaying.txt.



ps., you have to leave the AIM connection proxy settings to localhost 8081, or whatever Ostego sets them too. that's how ostego traps and modifies the profile before it goes to the AIM server.
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