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Copying CD's on OS X
Hello, I have been using my PC for most of my audio needs since I got used to using EAC, but I think it is time I cut off from my PC and make the full transition to Mac. This is because it is awkward to have to use 2 computers and I think I should be able to do what I want with my Powerbook.

What I am doing on my PC is ripping to WAV securely with EAC (following The Coaster Factory guide) and then converting to mp3 using lame and then writing the the WAV's back on to CD-R using the cuesheet in Burrrn, then deleting the WAV's from my hard drive.

I know about some ripping software on OSX:
-Max (was mentioned in a thread here) - Apparantly from what I gather CD Paranoia is getting outdated and has some problems
-xACT (also uses CD Paranoia)

Then Pyripper (which I gather has been renamed to RubyRipper or something)

Could anyone suggest any other apps which might make life easier or which match the standards produced by EAC? I don't need to tag the WAV's as they are just going straight back to CD, but I do with the mp3's.

I use iTunes as my music organizer.