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VBR and Macromedia Flash
I am trying to build a flash mp3 player that will be able to play both CBR and VBR mp3s.
On certain sound encodings, my song sounds like a chipmunks version of the song.

I found out that first of all, the flash movie has to be saved in flash 8 in order to play VBR. On some forum I also read that the sampling rate has to be multiple of 11KHz but it doesn't make too much sense to me.

Please advise if you have found a pattern of these problems with flash and certain mp3 encodings.

Many Thanks

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VBR and Macromedia Flash
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I've been using the Wimpy Button from for a while now (at least with Flash 7, maybe even Flash 6) and it has been working with Lame encoded VBR-files @ 44.1 KHz without any problems.