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Ripping to single tracks, how to make cuesheets?
After MUCH digging and even MORE reading, I think I'm ready to start transferring my CDs to FLAC files.  I'm going to do it as "files" rather than "CD images".  Right now, I don't "think" I really need  cuesheets, but I would like to go ahead and make them just in case I want them later on (better safe than sorry, you know.)  I assume that the cuesheet would show the files that were on the original CD??

My problem is, I can't figure out how to have EAC & FLAC make them automatically.  (I've seen all kinds of instructions for making them for images, but I don't want to use images since I'm not really doing this for backup purposes.)

Can someone tell me how I tell EAC & FLAC to make this type of cuesheet & what commands do I use?  And are there any other specifics/issues pertaining to cuesheets that I should watch for while I'm doing this? 

I'm soooooo confused!   
Thanks so much for any help/advice!

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Ripping to single tracks, how to make cuesheets?
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If you are using FLAC tracks then your cuesheet shouldn't go near your FLAC files.

The only reason to have the cuesheet is to enable you to create the INDEX 0 indexes (EAC calls these "pregaps") when you burn back to CD. NB: This is only really required if you want an exact copy of the original CD.  INDEX 00 indexes aren't a huge amount of use in 99% of situations.

I don't know of any way to automate writing the cuesheet.

Before anything, first go to the "Action" menu and ensure that "Append Gaps To Previous Track (default)" is selected.  You only need do this once; EAC will remember your choice.

To get EAC to write the cuesheet use "Action" > "Create CUE Sheet" > "Current Gap Settings...".

Using this method your files will retain the gaps correctly, at the end of the previous track.  The cuesheet will allow you to restore INDEX 0 entries as well as INDEX 01 entries (INDEX 01 would be created without the cuesheet BTW).  However, as the cuesheet is non-compliant (non-standard), you will need to burn the CD using EAC or Burrrn, you will not be able to use Nero, burnatonce, etc.
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Ripping to single tracks, how to make cuesheets?
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Thanks for your quick reply Synthetic Soul!

Based on your reply, I'm just going to skip the cuesheets ... I don't see myself ever needing an "exact" copy made from these files.  I will still have access to the original CD in most cases anyway.

Now ... it's off to copying I go!  That is, until I run into something else about this stuff that I haven't thought of.