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Extra tracks in folder when using EAC LAME (?)
If this has been covered please direct me to the right place...

Using EAC with LAME V2 (VBR New) there is always a couple of songs that end up in the folder twice - once before the first track with names like "0tmp7)4)!", with the album name under it, and also in the track listing (in . The songs in the track listing that are repeated before the track listing do not have the artist name under the file - the rest in the track listing do. It almost seems like the files have been spit in two with some of the info before the track listing. Also, only the repeated tracks prior to the track list with the strange names have the album title under them. Also, the songs end up with a Musicmatch Jukebox logo next to them, although I have Windows Media as default (WTF???).  I hope I've explained this somewhat clearly. 

What is going on and how can I fix it?

Also, what are the m3u files? (I have it checked as per the instructions I found, but I have no idea what they are - they start playing the first song on the album when selected).

Thanks a lot for any help.

Extra tracks in folder when using EAC LAME (?)
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Only a few things I can help with:

1)  The reason you have the MM icon for the files is because MM is set as teh default mp3 association.

2)  m3u files are playlists.
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