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mp3 editing
Hi all,

I am looking for a way to "automatically" split an mp3 of one side of an LP/tape into its component songs.  Is there a program that will search for the x seconds silence between tracks & then split the mp3 appropriately, or do you have ot do it manually?


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mp3 editing
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it's perfect and free!

mp3 editing
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Hi Linus,

Thanks for your response. I have looked (briefly) at mp3directcut, but couldn't see how it would do it automatically?  Looked like I had to specify the start & stop points?

Can you show me what I am missing?


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mp3 editing
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Pause detection

            This function sets cues or cuts to gaps of definable length and level. The settings must be adjusted carefully because the results can be very different.

            The Level and the Duration sliders adjust at which audio level and gap duration thresholds a pause will be detected. Offset is the number of frames at the pause end which the cut end or the cue will be shifted to the left or right. Cut whole pause means that not only a cue at the pause end will be created but a cut over the whole pause (beginning of cut slightly right shifted) if the pause is long enough. Don't use this option for creating Cue sheets!

            The value of 'After a pause detection skip' can be used to speed up the detection process. If a pause is found the program jumps further the entered amount of seconds. E.g. if you know that all of the tracks of your CD image are 3 minutes or longer you could set this value to 150 seconds.