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FLAC error while processing frame
Hope u guys can help me with this... I'm using EAC, with the FLAC converter...  but now and then i get this error in some songs "Error while processing frame (FLAC_FILE_DECODER_SEEKABLE_STREAM_DECODER_ERROR)"

And EAC did not report any error in the ripping...

I have found a way to deal with it though...  but that is to rip the track that get the error anew... But I'm wondering if there could be something in my setup that couse this?

Hope someone can help me =)

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FLAC error while processing frame
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FLAC is very memory and computation hungry and it does excellent job to find HW errors. You probably have memory problems. This is usually the cause. Happened to many before. Run a memtest. If you do not believe me do a search.

Incidentally I had issues with FLAC which turned out to be due to a USB PCMCIA card. Took a few hours to track it down. Not before and not after I had any problem with my laptop despite the fact that I do plug a lot of stuff into it. Since then FLAC is part of my PC test tools.