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  • donald1959
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How may I convert Quicktime files to AVI or MPG ??
The Quicktime player crashes my custom machine
and hijacks it, too.

Arrogant company, IMHO--ENOUGH SAID.

Please give a step-by-step guide if possible.

Thanks, Donald
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  • Jebus
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apple is arrogant and hijacks your machine? please explain. Not sure how else to convert without quicktime.

  • skelly831
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QuickTime may be a little resource-hungry, but i've never seen it hijack a PC.
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  • Gambit
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I use MKVToolnix when I need to remux .mov to something more usable.
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  • rutra80
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I transcode them to MPG with TMPGEnc & QTReader plugin.

Edit: I just noticed that on QTReader page there's also a MOV2AVI tool, haven't tried it though.
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  • smok3
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using mencoder, example of transcoding to xvid, mp3 in avi:

mencoder -o file.avi -oac mp3lame cbr:br=128 -ovc xvid -xvidencopts bitrate=500

(in some rare cases you may even be able to simply repack them, 3ivx comes to my mind right now)
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