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DVD Chapters to Cuesheet Indexes
I have just received my Ben Folds DVD.

Each track starts a new chapter.

I was wondering whether there is any easy way to get chapter markers to convert into a cuesheet?

I have created my cuesheet now, but I'm sure there must be an easier way.

I achieved it by doing the following: I used IfoEdit's "Save Celltimes to file" option to export the chapter frame times to a text file.  I then used Excel to convert these frame times into MM:SS:FF format.  Finally I used these index times to create a new cuesheet.  NB: I demuxed the audio tracks using DGIndex.

Surely something could do this automatically, from the IFO file?

If not I may write a small app to parse IfoEdit's Celltime.txt files...

All input welcome.
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DVD Chapters to Cuesheet Indexes
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There is a tool which is able to do that : Chapter-X-Tractor. Grab it from download ressources. But you need to write header, footer and duration syntax in CUE format.

Another way, Chap2cue.

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DVD Chapters to Cuesheet Indexes
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Using ChapterXTractor to output to OGG format and then using Chap2Cue did work.

I tried creating a ChapterXTractor preset, but you can't appear to get 1/75 frame values.  The closest I got was:

Code: [Select]
Preset 7=Cuesheet
Format 7=%sp TRACK %C AUDIO\n    INDEX 01 %mm:%ss:%ff\n
Header 7=FILE "%file" WAVE\n
Footer 7=

... but %ff isn't 1/75, but something else.

ChapterXTractor + Chap2Cue is fine though.

Thanks for your help.
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DVD Chapters to Cuesheet Indexes
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I am very glad somebody has walked this path and prepared everything.Thank you.
My path was:
1) ChapterXTractor -> Ogg chapter file
2) Chap2Cue -> Cue sheet
3) DGIndex ->  48 khz wav
4) CueListTool -> 48 khz wav with cues
5) Cooledit -> 44 khz wav
6) Nero -> audio CD
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DVD Chapters to Cuesheet Indexes
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I am necromancing a four-and-a-half-year old thread here, so ... what is the recommended software as per 2011?

I have my DVDs on hard drive as .ISO, and would like to demux out the audio to a lossless format.