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Topic: change audio device for VLC & POWER DVD? (Read 1884 times) previous topic - next topic

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change audio device for VLC & POWER DVD?
The case is I'm using kernel steaming for foobar2000 with one of my soudncard's digital output. The XP default audio device is still my onboard crappy coundcard. I also configured some player like WMP to use the new digital output. But I can't make it with POWER DVD and VLC. Anyone know how to do it?

  • Egor
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change audio device for VLC & POWER DVD?
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You can try to enable digital output in VLC by navigating to Settings -> Preferences -> Audio and enabling "Use the S/PDIF audio output when available" checkbox.

PowerDVD can be configured by selecting Preferences -> Audio tab -> Speaker Environment -> Use SPDIF. Additional support is available at Cyberlink Support Site.
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