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Topic: Batch capable mp3-cutter that preserves APEv2 tag? (Read 2175 times) previous topic - next topic

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Batch capable mp3-cutter that preserves APEv2 tag?
Are anybody familar with an mp3-cutter which preserves special tags, especially APEv2 tag and are capable of detecting silence in batch?? 

Currently i'm using mp3Trim which does the cutting batch-job somewhat great (could do silence detection better!).

Problem is that mp3Trim gets rid of my MP3Gain undo information, which I would pretty much like to keep 

Also i'm looking for software that does manual cutting in a way simelar to Cool Edit/Audition. I already tried MP3 Surgeon, which has the ability, but it's interface makes it inefficient (it's optimized for cutting one large mp3 into many small pieces).  Anybody got some hints?
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Can't wait for a HD-AAC encoder :P