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Foobar DSP Bridge Plug-In
Many thanks to SAMUELCDF for developing the "foo_dsp_Foobar2WinampPlugin".  This is like an early Christmas present for me (although I realize it has been around for a while).

I am a hugh fan of a couple of the the Winamp DSP's especially "Tomas Limiter".  I have about 7,000 songs encoded in He-AAC at 64kbps and with this plug-in I can tweak the sound quality to sound to provide more dynamics and compression.  I am an ex-radio guy - so I guess I love this sort of regulated quality.  The bridge plug-in provides me with the quality sound of Foobar, with all of the goodies offered by my Winamp accessories!

Great Job!!!!  Hope others will give this plus-in a shot.