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Topic: Wavgain 1.2.6 beta2 log file observation & request (Read 2807 times) previous topic - next topic

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Wavgain 1.2.6 beta2 log file observation & request
I did some test 'calculating & applying' last night on several directories of files.  As users of Wavegain know, there's commentary on the bottom of the screen showing the progress on the current file, and all files.  On about half of the directories I processed, when processing finished it said:

"This file 99% done    All files 100% done"

I didn't notice any issues when listening back to the last files in those directories, but I wanted to point out the message 'glitch' anyway.

Also, in the resulting log file, it shows the calculation at the top, and then the repeated "Applying Gain to file:" message for each file processed.  Would it be possible to have the gain that was applied to each file included in each of those lines in that section of the log file?

One final trivial request.  On directories processed with Album Gain, the log file is neatly formatted: the calculation section, an empty line, a line with recommended album gain, another empty line, and then the previously mentioned "Applying Gain to file:" messages.  On directories processed with Radio Gain, there's no empty line between the calculation & application sections, it's just one big block of text, and I was wondering if it would be possible to clean up the formatting on that.

Sorry to seem so anal about these trivial matters, but I wanted to bring them up anyway.

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Wavgain 1.2.6 beta2 log file observation & request
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Follow up: I e-mailed John before posting here.  He replied and informed me that the '99%' message is a non-issue.

He also implemented both of my suggestions and uploaded beta 3, and I'm happy to report that it works exactly as I hoped it would.  Big 'thumbs up' here!
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Wavgain 1.2.6 beta2 log file observation & request
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1.2.6beta4 win32 binary and source code now at Rarewares. No feature changes, just code improvements, but would still appreciate some testing.
My compiles and utilities are at