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Convolver: DSP DirectShow filter / WMP plug-in
Convolver, is a DSP filter for Windows, is available from

It will take a set of single-channel impulse response files and convolve them with the input stream.

Why would you want to do this?  With a suitable impulse response generated by a tool such as DRC you will be able to play sound corrected for your room response.

You will also be able to generate cross-overs, equalizers and other tools that require the source signal to be filtered and redirected to different output channels.

The plug-in can also be used as a DirectShow filter using the included ConvolverWrapper with media players such as Zoom Player Pro and TheaterTek 2.2 that accept DirectShow audio filters.  There is a  setup walkthrough for ZoomPlayer.

Feedback welcome to jrp [at] dial dot pipex dot com.  I have also started a support thread at

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