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MP3 Tools - better LameGain replacement
For anyone using Wack, LameGain or other EAC -> WaveGain -> LAME -> Tagger automation applet, here is a snazzier, super-easy to use alternative:

MP3 Tools Improvements (vs. LameGain):

* Doesn't need to be run in WAV/CUE mode anymore (saves time, less clunky). Just press the MP3 button!
* Easy to use Windows installer
* Stylish graphical configuration panel
* Pretty progress bar instead of an ugly DOS box
* Written in managed C# instead of shell scripts (requires the .NET framework)
* Multi-disc album support

This is just version 1.1...  please email me if you find bugs, or respond with requests in this thread.

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MP3 Tools - better LameGain replacement
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Any way of getting this to work with Foobar?

I've been reading about all the different tools for new rips; EAC > WaveGain > LAME w/scalefactor.  I've already ripped with EAC to single flac images + cue files and want to convert to mp3 with Foobar, but making sure to do the appropriate WaveGain/scale step beforehand.  Any suggestions?

BTW, I read the seven page thread on WaveGain vs. MP3Gain.

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MP3 Tools - better LameGain replacement
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1. Enable Replaygain mode in Playback config.
2. Enable "Use Replaygain" in the Diskwriter config.
3. Convert to MP3.


MP3 Tools - better LameGain replacement
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Jebus, where are your tools? Seems like isn't working right now. Also, how's your Lame GUI front-end project coming along?