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Corrupt OGG Stream Fix Tags other solutions?
Twice now I have aquired Ogg files which I did not create (Q8 whatever that is) that were somehow corrupt.

I was able to burn them using MauSau Ogg Plug In for Nero no problem.

Last time I think they played ih WinAmp no problem, but with this batch of files I get nothing.

With this batch of files I can play in foobar2000 but it gives me error 0 corrupt ogg stream message.

I just installed the Windows Media Direct Show plugin and thought it didn't work because of these files, and in fact Windows Media Player hangs.

A different set of OGG files caused no problem, so I used Tagger to view and copy the seemingly OK OGG Tags to the rather generic FileNames (to preserve tag info) and then copyed the filenames back over top of the existing tags.

Now the files are fine. They play in Winamp, foobar, Windows Media Player with no error messages or problems.

Whatever the problem it must lie in the Tags, and I think this was the case last time too.

Anyhow, I know that VBR MP3 files sometimes get corrupt and programs like VBRfix or MP3Trim can repair the files.

While did the trick, what else can you tell me about what causes OGG file corruption, or other utilities that either examine an OGG file for corruption, or fix OGG file corruption, preferrably while preserving the tags if the corruption lies in the tags.