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What is wapet.exe?
I am trying to achieve my backup zen. Being rather frustrated with EAC not being able to create folders for single file (image rips) or not being able hadle file extentions with more than 3 chars, i am giving REACT a go.

I am getting there slowly, but REACT is trying to use a program called wapet.exe that i don't seem to have.

What is it and what does it do?

Do i need it?

Where can i find it?

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What is wapet.exe?
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wapet.exe is a little program for adding APEv2 tags to files like Monky's Audio and MP3, you can get it here
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What is wapet.exe?
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Actually, checking REACT.ini, you will need my adapted version of WAPET, as the -f switch is required.

This should probably be documented in the REACT thread.

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