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Topic: Please help me with EAC, FLAC and CUE sheets! (Read 33905 times) previous topic - next topic
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Please help me with EAC, FLAC and CUE sheets!

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Download the batch file.

It is possible to rewrite this batch file, to work with FLAC Attack ?
This is what I want:
1. rip CD with EAC
2. compress it to FLAC
3. put FLAC+EAC file into D:\images\ and use this directory scheme:
    (Artist) [year] Album\ and here FLAC&CUE
3a. if it is possible, before making above directory, rename Artist with this rules:
      - if it starts with "The", move it to end of name, after a comma, like:
        "The Thievery Corporation" -> "Thievery Corporation, The"
      - if Artist is a name and surname, change order with comma, like:
        "Roger Waters" -> "Waters, Roger"
        as recognizing if something is name and surname is impossible,
        probably will be better to write to versions of batch - one for changing
        order between two words, with comma, and another for checking only
        for something like "The", and changing order with comma
4. after that all FLAC stuff, I want to make mp3/mpc (and or or), correctly tag
    it, and put it on my F: disc, in directory structure like this:
    F:\muisc\c\    and so on
    name of directory used I want to be like in 3a point.

I'm doing all that 'hard work' by hands, using proper programs, but it takes
more and more time... And there is no one-click software to do it all 

As find you are helpful, so if you don't feel fear with this simple 4 points,
can you do it for me, and probably not only for me, for others mp3's maniacs,
who are mad about police and order in music collection 

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