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Creating a Speex Recorder
I'm trying to create a speex recording app for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs. My PPC mic can record waveform audio at 8 kHz, 16 bits per sample so I'm using the narrowband mode of speex.

Which (constant) bit rates would you recommend I use for encoding to speex? I'm planning to provide options called Poor, Good and Best (quality) respectively or something like it for the less tech-savvy. =)

Also, if you guys have seen any open-source speex recorders for Pocket PC's I'd appreciate the tip. I'm in this more for learning how to program than just using the recorder, though i honestly can't wait to have a spx recorder on my device. 

thanks everyone!

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Creating a Speex Recorder
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Not open source or even free but Resco Audio Recorder can record into Speex.  Should give you some ideas on bit rates.

A free equivalent would be good to see though.