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EAC encodes to wav format, not mp3
I set up EAC on my first computer with no problem. I have it using Lame 3.97b2 and everything seems to work fine.

I installed EAC on a second machine, and, as far as I can tell, followed the same steps. But this time, I'm left with a wav file instead of an mp3 file. The second machine has a Celeron running at 2.1 GHz on Windows XP SP1. I was sure to choose the button on the left-hand side that said MP3, not WAV.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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EAC encodes to wav format, not mp3
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I believe that EAC rips everything to .wav then calls an encoder.  The problem probably has something to do with EAC ripping fine and then calling LAME and then lame doesn't do anything.
Triple check to make sure that your EAC config has the location of lame right and/or that there really is a copy of lame there.
If you check and everything is ok and it still doesn't work a quick fix is just to use something else to do the encoding.

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EAC encodes to wav format, not mp3
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Yes, I triple checked and EAC config has the right path to lame.exe.

I did, however, notice one difference between EAC on the machine where it's working correctly and the one where it's not: EAC on the PC that's working properly "Essential (complete)" in a box at the bottom. The box is blank on the PC that's not working right.

I remember doing someting to load this profile, but now I can't remember what it was.

Can anyone refresh my memory?

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EAC encodes to wav format, not mp3
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Okay, I figured it out.

The "essential" profile came from the essential ripping guide for EAC, at Once I loaded that profile in to my new installation of EAC (i.e. on the PC where files weren't converting to mp3s) all my problems went away.

It'd be nice to know what the setting is, since I'll soon be helping other people get set up on EAC. EAC is still pointing to the same lame.exe file as before, so I know it's not what. Any ideas?

EAC encodes to wav format, not mp3
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I'm guessing you had EAC set up to use Lame encoder instead of "User Defined Encoder"
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EAC encodes to wav format, not mp3
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Did you tick "Use external program for compression" in External Compression tab of Compression options? If it wasn't ticked, settings from Waveform tab were used, so some system codec was used and the file was written with RIFF header (as WAV, but compressed).

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EAC encodes to wav format, not mp3
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Ok, interesting. I'm having the same problem (trying to wavpack it). Iget .wav files instead of .wv files.

When the MS-Dos window pops up, i notice "invalid argument" on date, album, genre,...

Is this line correct? I could not identify the purpose of %s argument.
Browse to wapet.exe (note: wapet creates AP2 tags and must be in the same folder as wavpack.exe)
%d -t "Artist=%a" -t "Title=%t" -t "Album=%g" -t "Year=%y" -t "Track=%n" -t "Genre=%m" wavpack.exe -h %s

Can I assume that the .wav files are uncompressed, lossless, and therefore save them and just run Lame?

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EAC encodes to wav format, not mp3
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I just had this problem too. I had EAC set up properly, but for some reason it just kept outputting .wav files. So I tried changing the command line switches to uppercase... and that did the trick. -v 2 produced a wav file, but -V 2 produced the mp3.

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EAC encodes to wav format, not mp3
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Ok pretty sure we must have had the same problem, everything started working when I put wapet.exe in EAC folder.

Can someone tell me how I can convert all my .wav files into .wv files while preserving tagging?

I used EAC, but since invalid arguments were detected, all outputed files were .wav. Am  I correct to assume .wav is the best lossless format (raw data, no?)