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What does %s and %d do?
Hi. Please note that this is my first time using EAC and LAME encoder.

After I went through EAC configuration wizard and choose the option "Use the recommended settings from Hydrogenaudio forum", The additional command line options are like this...

%l--alt-preset 160%l%h--alt-preset standard%h %s %d

Which I figured out that

%l--alt-preset 160%l    ->    means when I choose 'low quality' mode. The result will be ABR 128 kbps. 

And the same apply to %h--alt-preset standard%h in 'high quality' mode.

But what does %s %d do?

Thank you for your help.

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What does %s and %d do?
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%s and %d will be replaced by EAC with the source and destination filenames. They are used to tell the encoder where to find the (.wav) input and where to write their output to.

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What does %s and %d do?
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look at the FAQ:

Q: Which flags can I use in the external compression scheme "User Defined MP3 Encoder"?

A: In the field "Additional command line options" you could use replacements for the selectable options :

%s Source filename

%d Destination filename