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Ripping Question - 2 drives
As I dutifully rip my 400 + CD collection, I have a question re: running two instances of EAC so I can rip two discs at a time (as I have two CD-ROMs in my computer) ... will I have ripping / encoding errors if I run EAC x 2 at the same time.  I spot checked a couple MP3s that were produced concurrently, and they seem fine (but I haven't listened that close).

Thanks for the thoughts.


Ripping Question - 2 drives
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Should be possible, although I don't recommend it.
Don't start the second EAC while the first one is ripping, and don't access from the second EAC that drive that the frist one currently uses (and vice versa, of course). This would cause the two EACs to block each other.
Have enough system capacities - memory, processor speed and hard disk speed.
Keep in mind that the speed limiting factor may not be the single drive but your slow hard disk etc.

ps: I often have two EAC processes working at the same time, but only one of them is ripping.
pps: Try starting the exactly same executable twice, but you'll probably need two EAC installations (mine are different versions).

@mods: I think this topic rather belongs to the CD hardware/software forum.
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Ripping Question - 2 drives
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Ripped 400+ disc using 2 EAC's in seperate folders and both at once. All seemed to be absolutly fine!


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Ripping Question - 2 drives
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one speed issue could be caused by having both drives on the same cable, but this might only affect reading and writing rather than just reading (haven't tried ripping CDs with 2 drives before, though i have done it with DVDs with some success).