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Freedb problems
Edit: Im new to this more technical stuff, i used to use Itunes but just for the reliability for transfering

Now though the transfering is broken and ive heard just to get help from there own technical mistake you have to pay 50 bucks

I downloaded the current version of foobar2000, off there website, but unfortunetly i cannot find freedb anywhere on it

i looked for answers but the only ones i could find is that it just didnt add the option to the right click. On mine though in the componet section its not there at all.

I the directory and i am assuming freedb off freedb. org but even though i sent it to my componet section its not playing.

I would just love it to actually have all of my songs tagged im about on the bottom of step 4 of reading about all the i guess vocabulary you would call it

But first before i move on i just want to get it working that and figure out how to have different columns that say artist and year and song and such but ill learn that later

So if anyone can help or just point me in the right direction i would love to learn Thanks
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