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Topic: 0.9 beta 8 - audio drop-out on maximise/minimise (Read 1609 times) previous topic - next topic

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0.9 beta 8 - audio drop-out on maximise/minimise

I first posted this as a bug against beta 6, but as it still exists in beta 8, I thought I would post again to ensure it is logged.

I have 2 sounds cards in my PC - a Creative Audigy as the windows primary sounds card and an RME HDSP 9632 as my main sound card.  With foobar 0.83 both work fine. (RME using waveOut)

With beta 8 I have two problems when playing via the RME sound card which are probably related:
1) The audio drops out for ~0.5 sec when maximising and miniming foobar
2) It is only possible to set the audio playback to 16 bits - if I set to 32bits then I get:
IDirectSound::CreateSoundBuffer failed : 88780064
in the foobar console.

The creative card seems to be OK (but then I don't listen to it much!)

Is there any info I can provide to help debug this problem.  At present I don't think the 0.9 beta output drivers are as stable as those in 0.83.