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  • leroy
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some questions about mp3
I have 2 questions
1. In MPEG Layer3 each one frame have 2 granules
in the samplebuffer,each subband has 36 samples 1~18 belong to first granule and 18~36 belong to second one,first and 18th map to the same frequency, is it right?? or each of 36 samples represents different frequency?

2. any info or formula about the relation between the 1152 samples and the frequency
something like "first sample maps to 20~50hz"

  • timcupery
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some questions about mp3
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I don't know the answer to either of those questions, although they seem like good questions. More generally, I have no idea why this post was moved from "Mp3-Tech" to "Mp3-General." This seems pretty tech to me...
Good luck with getting answers.
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