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LAME using Nero | AAC using EAC
Not sure if is supposed to go into the MP3 Forum, so i decided general would work.

I've been away from the mp3 encoding for a bit, Itunes & Ipod made me sway to AAC. But my question is, is ther ea method to implement the --alt presets or --alt vx as they're now called i beileved within nero?

I know on the mac, there's a plugin for using  lame within Itunes if i wanted to encode using LAME, but on the pc side im starting to use nero becuz of its ability to encode audio in aac using vbr. i was wondering if there was a way to encode using NERO and the LAME built in presets. Nero has Lame built into its encoding options but im not quite sure on the settings within it.

On a second note, I knwo i could just switch o use EAC and Lame, but is there an AAC encoder plugin for EAC? I kinda just wanna use one program and be able to easily switch between encoding formats.


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LAME using Nero | AAC using EAC
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... is there an AAC encoder plugin for EAC?

iTunesEncode : (Uses iTunes AAC encoder)

NAACenc : (Uses Nero AAC encoder)

FAAC 1.24.1 :

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