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Naming Advice in EAC
Greetings.  I'm new to HydrogenAudio, but have been reading the forums for a while now as I've researched and learned my way through EAC.  Thanks to posts and the tutorials, I feel like I'm ready to begin ripping my 2500+ CD collection into storage.  My long-term plan is to safeguard the collection and set myself up for a computer-jukebox playback system.  I'm not particluarly interested in burning discs or sharing files at this time.  I've set myself up with a Plextor Premium drive, studied, set up, and experimented with EAC, and am excited to get this thing off the ground. 

Before I begin, however, I need to find out if there are any important file naming conventions I need to be aware of with respect to using some sort of "jukebox" program in the future.  I haven't researched any of that yet because I figure that's a fair peice down the road.  Needless to say, I need to get this right at the beginning to avoid having to spend countless hours renaming track files by hand later.

Based on esthetics, information I deem important, and an interest in logical file storage, my initial preferred format is:
        [Artist] TrackNo - TrackTitle  [AlbumTitle  Year]

An alternative is:
          TrackNo - TrackTitle  [Artist - AlbumTitle  Year]

What I need to know is:  are there any important file name format issues that I am likely to run into later when I begin using these wav files in a jukebox program?  I am sure many of you have grappled with this sort of thing, and I would very much like to hear your thoughts on the subject.

  - Bronco Leonard

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Naming Advice in EAC
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I think the first option is better for organizing, scince you aren't using a directory structure or tags.
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Naming Advice in EAC
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My only problem with your naming scheme would be organization.  If you are intending to just add all your files into 1 folder then it would get pretty messy.

I store my audio files in folders like this /Artist/Album/# - Artist - Track

Never had any problems with this.

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Naming Advice in EAC
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Needless to say, I need to get this right at the beginning to avoid having to spend countless hours renaming track files by hand later.[a href="index.php?act=findpost&pid=318442"][{POST_SNAPBACK}][/a]

That's what foobar's for. 

Personally, I use %A\%Y - %C\%N. %T for my naming scheme.  Artists are sorted alphabetically, their albums are sorted in chronological order within the artist folder, and the filenames themselves are uncluttered by redundant data already present in the file path.

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Naming Advice in EAC
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I use this : Artist/(Year) Album/NN. Title.flac, since i like having the albums of each artist sorted after the year of release...


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