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Cue/Ape files

I rip CDs to CUE/WAV files quite a bit with EAC and back them up to data DVD, after compressing the WAV to APE.

I love the fact that Foobar can load the CUE and decompress the APE file as it plays.

In order to do this, I have to edit the CUE and change the file name from "title.wav" to "title.ape".  Is there any way to do this without editing the CUE so that if "title.wav" isn't found, it will look for "title.ape" or "title.*<anything>"?


Cue/Ape files

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You could add a "CUESHEET" tag to the ape file and put the cuesheet in there. Foobar will then read the cuesheet from the tag when you load the .ape file, and you won't have to open the .cue file at all.
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Cue/Ape files

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Why not just compress to APE from EAC?  If you use MAC.EXE as an external compressor EAC will then create a cuesheet correctly pointing to the APE file.

Embedding the cuesheet is a good idea also.

BTW: I agree - image files with cuesheets are superb.
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