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Help needed to separate one FLAC file
I have one large FLAC file with its ".cue" file.
I want to make it separated.
Is there anyone to know how-to-do it?

thanks in advance

p.s. I'm using foobar2000 v0.9 beta5.

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Help needed to separate one FLAC file
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If you drag the .cue into foobar does it list all tracks (with track info)?

If you got the cuesheet from EAC you may need to ensure the filename in the FILE command line of the cuesheet is correct.  I think EAC names the FLAC file "<name>.flac.flac" (e.g.: "CDImage.flac.flac"), but puts "<name>.flac" in the cuesheet (e.g.: "CDImage.flac").  Either rename the FLAC to "<name>.flac" (most sensible) or edit the cuesheet in Notepad and change the FILE command to point to the correct FLAC file.

Ensure both files are in the same directory.

Now try dragging into foobar.

You may need to right-click and select "Tagging" > "Reload info from file(s)" to get foobar to pick up the changes.

If all tracks are listed properly (tracknumber, title, artist, album info appears) you can split the FLAC using Converter. Select all tracks, right-click and select "Convert" > "Convert to...".  Select you desired format fro mthe dropdown.

Any problems, please post your cuesheet here.

NB: to get title, artist, and album info in the cuesheet in EAC go to "EAC Options" > "Tools", and ensure that "Use CD-Text information in CUE sheet generation" is checked.
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Help needed to separate one FLAC file
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I've done it as you told. It's working!

Thank you very much.