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Portable media player
I've searched this forum to get an answer for my "problem" but did'n got any straight answer. So I put my question here: is getting a PDA a sollution for playing lots of audio formats? My music collection is made of mpc's, flac's ape's, ogg's and mp3's and converting music to mp3's everytime I want to take them with me on my mp3-CD player is not a nice sollution. So I want to buy a player that will know these formats (mpc has priority).
I know some hard players (Nuros for example) that would support mpc in near future (near is quite relative) but... I've also read somewhere that there are audio players for PDA's that, through plugins, can play mpc's, flac's, etc.
So... if you know any solution (HDD or flash player, or PDA with proper software) that can play mpc's & flac's, please tell me. (audio quality, battery life and price are the main qualities that I'm interestet of, in this order)
Thank you!

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Portable media player
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betaplayer on pocket pc can play mpc files, I use it myself and it's fantastic. I use it on my Orange C500 smartphone, and will use it when I get round to getting a pda. Don't know about flac though.

For all their faults, I feel microsoft currently have the best pda operating system, fwiw.

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Portable media player
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If only someone would develop a Java media player........

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Portable media player
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Betaplayer, aka TCPMP, has support for

- Vorbis
- AC3
- MP3
- MP2
- matroska container for the above mentioned  ....

matroska project admin
Support matroska - the bestest vapourware project !

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Portable media player
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Thank you all!
So a PDA with some memory (maybe 1 or 2 cards of 1GB) would to the jub of an media player...
What about some cheap model? Hohestly I don't wanna spend some few hundred bucks on LCD's with millions of colours and processors with hundreds of MHz.

Portable media player
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You will also want to consider the iRiver HD players with the Rockbox firmware.

It currently boots on the iHP 120/140 and is playing FLAC/MP3/OGG/WAV. And since it's open source it can only improve. (MPC support should be fairly soon.)

*edit*Now does Wavpack and AC3. Like w00t and stuff.
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