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FAO: Trance Fans...

I want to know the title and artist of the soundtrack in the following video...

I recognise it from clubbing, but i don't know what it is and i want it so badly! 

FAO: Trance Fans...

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Damn, I know that song but can't remember the name....

It sounds very similar to Gouryella - Valhalla, but it's not quite the same I believe.

Might be something by Ferry Corsten or Rank 1, but nothing I have lying around...

Heh, but wait... Ferry Corsten is part of Gouryella.. and Ferry is aka System F

Yes, that's what you're looking for:

System F - Out Of The Blue (probably the radio edit)

FAO: Trance Fans...

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I watched the video. Yeah, that's "Out Of The Blue" by System F.

FAO: Trance Fans...

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System F - Out Of The Blue

I think I have heard that before I am not sure where  . I am not an avid trance fan with the exception of Psychedelic/Goa stuff and some Progressive.
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FAO: Trance Fans...

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Ferry gets a fish from me for releasing nearly identical tracks under different aliases.

He has done some nice work, but much of his stuff is just made to be easily digestible by the pop mainstream listening crowd.

FAO: Trance Fans...

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Thanks people, tis a great tune! And you're right its the radio edit.

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