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Spread FLAC Campaign Update - Latest FLAC apps

I decided to start a new "Spread FLAC" update thread, as the original thread I started for the "Spread FLAC" campaign got a bit long and is now a bit dated. You can check out the previous thread at:

I am including below a list of the most recent applications that are supporting FLAC natively. Thanks to everyone who had E-mailed the various audio software developers asking them to add FLAC support. The results are already coming in. Roxio is the latest of the major apps to add FLAC support.

Note: There is no dedicated site up and working yet. Haven't had the time or content yet, but I may do so in the future. Until that time, please refer to this thread or Josh's FLAC site for the latest apps and hardware supporting FLAC.

The following software titles natively support FLAC:

Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 - full native FLAC input and encoding support in this popular CD/DVD burning and ripping software suite, plus FLAC support for audio recorder app and sound editor app.

Yahoo Music Engine - The new, free Yahoo! Music Engine software powers Yahoo's new music subscription service, but can serve as a standalone audio player and CD ripper also. Supports FLAC playback and encoding.

Plextor Plextools - FLAC audio ripping support for Plextor drives

Easy CD-DA Extractor - An audio CD ripper, converter and burner app with FLAC encoding and decoding support.

VuPlayer - A free audio converter and player. Converts and plays many formats including FLAC.

JetAudio - An audio player and audio converter app that support many formats including FLAC natively.

dBpowerAMP - A nice audio converter utility. Good for large batch conversion. Recently added FLAC version 1.1.2 encoding and decoding support.

DVDZip Lite - DVD sound track ripper which can extract sound tracks from any DVD and save them as various audio formats including FLAC.

AShampoo Burning Studio 5 - A complete CD/DVD burning suite that supports FLAC audio files.

Ashampoo MP3 AudioCenter - converts between various audio formats including MP3 and FLAC.

AShampoo Media Player - Free media player that can play FLAC files.

Streamware One-click Audio Converter - A good audio converter application with FLAC support. Company also supports FLAC in their One-click CD Converter software.

Traktor DJ Studio - Professional DJ software that now supports FLAC files.

Amadeus - Audio editing program for Macintosh computers that supports reading and encoding to FLAC 1.1.2 format.

VLC - Cross-platform media player and streaming server that supports FLAC.

FLACer- Macintosh GUI FLAC encoding and decoding utility.

PureMusic - Macintosh Music player that supports FLAC.

Arial CD Ripper - A CD ripper tool that supports FLAC files.

iRecordMusic - captures audio/music stream output and can save to FLAC format on Macintosh computers.

All To MP3 Converter - Tool to convert to/from many audio formats including FLAC using File Explorer to select files.

Litex Audio Conversion Wizard - Converts between various formats. Recently added FLAC support.

Total Recorder - Records streaming audio that is playing on your PC. Supports saving to a FLAC file.

Zoom Player - Player that supports FLAC and other formats.

MusikCube - the "vanilla audio player for Windows", supports FLAC.

Ufony - Audio playback and conversion software that supports FLAC.

dvdPean - Will copy DVD Audio to FLAC format file.

Fairstars Audio Converter - An simple GUI audio conversion utility that support FLAC.

Imtoo Audio Encoder - A basic audio conversion utility that support FLAC.

burnatonce - CD data and audio mastering utility that supports FLAC audio files.

CD Wave - CD authoring tool that supports FLAC.

DeliPlayer - Free, multi-format audio player with FLAC support.

Xilisoft Audio Converter - An audio conversion utility that support FLAC.

Burrrn - Burns CD Audio CDs with CD-Text info from audio file tags including FLAC audio support.

Burn4Free - Free CD burning software that supports FLAC.

Direct Audio Converter and CD Ripper - An audio converter and CD ripper which supports the FLAC format.

Where Is It? - a search tool that finds various kinds of files on your CDs, DVDs or hard drive(s). Now supports searching FLAC file descriptions/tags also.

abcde - Unix based music player that supports FLAC.

xACT- GUI for Unix shorten, shntool, flac, monkey's audio for Macintosh.

MPlayer - Media player that supports FLAC.

wxMusik - an audio player for Windows that supports FLAC.

Rhythmbox - Music management for Gnome which supports FLAC.

shntools - A WAVE file data processing and reporting utility that can support the FLAC format.

Foobar2000 -download the 'Normal' version or higher (not the lite version) to get FLAC support included in this powerful audio player and converter app.

FLAC 1.1.2 for Windows with Installer - official Widnows FLAC 1.1.2 package. Has Nero and WinAmp plug-ins included as well. Check FLAC web site for more FLAC software for various operating systems.

MinDawn - Music Store that supports FLAC files for sale/download. Also gives away free FLAC music player software and a FLAC supporting CD ripper for a variety of operating systems.

FLACTester - GUI utility that tests one or more audio FLAC files, including a tree of FLAC files, for file integrity/corruption and generates a display report of any errors found.

The following audio tag editors support the editing of native FLAC (Vorbis style) tags:

MP3Tag - A great, free audio tag editor. Supports FLAC tags and tags for many other audio file formats.

AudioShell - A free basic tage editor that supports FLAC audio tags.

The Godfather - Audio tag editor that supports FLAC Vorbis style tags.

Tag & Rename - The popular commercial version tag editor by the makers of AudioShell.

Media Rage- Audio file catalog program and tag editor for Macintosh that supports FLAC files.

Entagged - A Java based audio file tagger that supports FLAC tags.

Helium Music Manager -  Comes with a powerful id3/vorbis tag editor, mp3 renamer, mp3 database, playlist creator, mp3 burner, a powerful report creator  and powerful search and browsing facilities. Supports FLAC files and tags.

EasyTag - Versatile tag for Linux and *nix based systems which supports FLAC file tags.

The following apps have no native FLAC support (yet) and currently require the below listed plug-in to support FLAC:

Nero 6 - filter to allow Nero 6 CD/DVD Burning software to support FLAC files.

Adobe Audition - Adobe Audition/Cool Edit filter for FLAC encoding and decoding.

Windows Media Player 9 or 10 - use these DirectShow filters to add FLAC support to Windows Media player.

CoreFlac - another DirectShow filter set for WMP to play FLAC files.

Apollo - FLAC available as a plug-in for this Apollo Audio Player.

WinAmp 5 - unofficial WinAMP FLAC playback plugin (based on FLAC 1.1.2 code) that has WinAmp Media Library support.

WinAmp 5 - unofficial WinAMP FLAC encoder plugin (based on FLAC 1.1.2 code).

WinAmp 5 Official plug-in - official WinAMP FLAC playback plug-in.

GX:Transcoder - supports transcoding between audio formats/codecs with various plug-ins including one for FLAC.

QMP - plug-in for FLAC support for QMP (Quintessential Media Player).

XMMS - Player for Linux that supports FLAC with a plug-in.

Spread FLAC Campaign Update - Latest FLAC apps

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what about: musikcube (native),  the godfather (tagger/native), wxmusik (native). surely forgot some... there are quite a few *nix ones as well.

ps: apollo (plugin), qmp (formerly qcd, plugin), 1by1 (directory player, plugin - well, not sure about this one)

Spread FLAC Campaign Update - Latest FLAC apps

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Thanks for the suggestions! Added all suggested programs that supported FLAC natively or via plug-ins to above list. If anyone has any more for the list, please let me know.

Spread FLAC Campaign Update - Latest FLAC apps

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How about roughly sorting the list by buring/ripping, player, converter programs? (and maybe highlight freeware/OS programs?)

ps: confirmed flac to work in 1by1 player (through in_flac.dll)

Spread FLAC Campaign Update - Latest FLAC apps

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Added many more programs that I found which support the FLAC format. The number has sure grown in recent months! FLAC is really starting to become much more widely adopted. Thanks for your suggestions. I will consider them for this list and the Spread FLAC website.

Spread FLAC Campaign Update - Latest FLAC apps

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More applications with FLAC support:
Burrrn - burn audio CDs with CD-Text from various audio files.
FLACer - Free encoder/decoder for FLAC (the free lossless audio codec).
VLC - cross-platform media player and streaming server.
iRecordMusic - Easy to use Internet audio recorder.
MediaRage - organize & edit audio files
xACT - GUI for Unix shorten, shntool, flac, monkey's audio.
PureMusic - Audio player.
EasyTag - versatile tagger
Entagger - a Java audio file tagger
shntools -
abcde - audio player
Mplayer - Media player
XMMS - audio player
Rhythmbox - music management
CoreFLAC - FLAC DirectShow filters

I`m certain there are lots more out there as well! 

Spread FLAC Campaign Update - Latest FLAC apps

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More applications with FLAC support:

I`m certain there are lots more out there as well! 
[a href="index.php?act=findpost&pid=302090"][{POST_SNAPBACK}][/a]

Thanks for the tip. Added those programs that you suggested to the list.

Spread FLAC Campaign Update - Latest FLAC apps

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Can MP3Bookhelper be added

It is the most powerful tagging program I have used - although not for the beginner IMO. Unfortunately it took me a long time to find it and it's name does not nearly convey all of it's functions. Oh, and it's open source.

Description from site:

This program provides rapid Mp3 (ID3v1, ID3v2) and Ogg/Speex/Flac Vorbis tags editing and file renaming functions. Mass Tag editing is done using special variables and Regular Expressions.

Undo and preview for all changes, capitalization, search and replace, use parts of file name or directory structure for tags. Directory renaming and restructure based on tags. All customizable and configurable.

Get the artist and album information from the freedb database over internet.

Play your mp3 files in Winamp or internal player while editing Tags. It will auto pause and resume Winamp when renaming or updating files.

It can also be used to easily create WinAmp-compatible playlists (M3U files), Information (NFO) files, Parity archive (PAR) data recovery files, Simple File Verify (SFV) and Sound Verification (.SV) checksum files.

You can export and import ID3 tags to and from XML and comma delimited text files, verify CRC/MD5 checksums and more.

Spread FLAC Campaign Update - Latest FLAC apps

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Here's the rub: Many programs say they "support" FLAC. But which ones *convert* what codecs *to* FLAC? Sometimes you don't find out until after it's been downloaded. One can only make the transition with a good converter, hopefully an easy one. I've spent the last day looking for such a program, having tried a number so far. The ones that have been recommended to me have all had problems in one form or another. See my post "Seek easy codec converter for .wav to FLAC, Deadline soon to convert .wav to FLAC!"

And if anybody can help, I sure would appreciate it. . .

Spread FLAC Campaign Update - Latest FLAC apps

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And we've told you several options already.

You want an easy one?  Download foobar2000 v0.8.3 special installer and install it.

Drop all the wavs you want to encode in foobar2000's playlist window.

Right click and select Convert and then Run conversion.

Find Legacy 0.7 output support : FLAC and pick a location to save to.

I personally think the FLAC frontend with the FLAC installer would be easier for you.  Install that and drop all your wavs in and hit encode.

Two easy free options right there and there are many more
Nero AAC -q0.45

Spread FLAC Campaign Update - Latest FLAC apps

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You want an easy one?  Download foobar2000 v0.8.3 special installer and install it.
[a href="index.php?act=findpost&pid=314228"][{POST_SNAPBACK}][/a]

I got foobar, thanks. 

Spread FLAC Campaign Update - Latest FLAC apps

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You're welcome.  This audio encoding stuff isn't as hard as it seems to be
Nero AAC -q0.45

Spread FLAC Campaign Update - Latest FLAC apps

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after several requests we're also planning a run of FLAC t-shirts if there is enough demand...


Spread FLAC Campaign Update - Latest FLAC apps

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The all-new, all-singing, all-dancing  Toast Titanium 7 will burn audio straight from FLAC and will export any of its supported formats to FLAC as well.

  EDIT:...but it puts a 1/10th of a second gap between tracks..bleeeech 

Spread FLAC Campaign Update - Latest FLAC apps

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Maybe this is a little too obvious but you don't have "metaflac" listed for tag editing...

And while it probably doesn't quite fit your categories, Rockbox ( plays FLAC files via plugin codecs on the supported portable hdd players.

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