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Question about Album List

First of all, I haven't found an official thread for this plugin, hence i started my own.

After a major FooBar crash, I lost all my settings and I had to re-install everything from scratch (note to self: back-up!). Before it crashed, I could update my playlist using Album List as much as i wanted and the album i was playing would continue to play, as long as the album was enqueued somewhere in that playlist.

Now I have re-installed everything and when I create a new playlist using Album List, with the album that is playing somewhere in the playlist, playback continues at the very first entry in the playlist, or the track that is highlighted when the playback of a track from the album finished. Note that I have "Follow Cursor" disabled.

I have tried to use different builds (2 downloaded from the net, those were the same and one from the 0.8.3 installer, don't know what build that is). I have looked and looked in the FooBar2000 prefs. I even tried some trial and error. All to no avail.

Does anyone know what i should do to make Album List behave as it used to? Or maybe it's something else I should be looking at?

A big thanks in advance!