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Winamp3 beta2 released

What's new:
3.0 Beta 2 cold (11/28/01) build #454
- lots of bugfixes!
- media playback:
   - more accurate timekeeping
   - CD audio playback! Uses digital extraction of audio so it works
     with the crossfader and eq! Falls back to normal redbook audio
     playback if ASPI layer not installed, see above
   - long playback time crash bug fixed
- skinning improvements:
   - superslow loading bug fixed
   - zipped skin loading bug fixed
   - per-pixel alpha blending against the desktop! (in win2k/xp only)
   - subtractable region objects (good for rounded corners etc.)
   - more objects can be made ghosted
   - generic frame support, skin one layout and wrap it around anything
   - antialiased font support
   - upside-down fonts bug fixed
   - vertical sliders fixed
- playlist editor:
   - windowshade mode
   - more robust m3u loading
- config!
   - this is the very basic version so you can play. by beta3 we should
     have more fully skinnable config screens

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Winamp3 beta2 released
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Is it just me or did PP's MPC plugin stop working under this version?

Winamp3 beta2 released
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I can't play mpc with Winamp3beta2 too.

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Winamp3 beta2 released
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The Plug-in SDK changed a little and ALL of peter's plug-ins need to be recompiled with the New SDK.  He should be back on Friday

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Winamp3 beta2 released
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Thanks for the info!

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Winamp3 beta2 released
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updated all plugins, everything should work now (the same URLs, i'm too lazy to type)