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formatting questions

1. How about those extra things (album cover, non-standard buttons, stereo
analizer, search field placed else than in status-bar, etc)... How you did that.
2. If a track is VBR, whlie it's played, can the bitrate value be changed from medium bitrate to actual, dinamic bitrate (bitrate changes to it's actual value at that moment).
3. Can you give me a link to some documentation about the foobar scripting language. So far, the only configs I've made were "copy-paste" based.
Thank you!

Interesting site

Problem 1. partially solved. It became: How can I place Album art on multiple rows of the toolbar?
Ex: on the upper-right corner it's the Album_art pannel and in rest, on multiple rows (not as big as the album_art) are the buttons, seek line, volume line, etc.

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