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Goldie Presents Metalheads - Timeless
Between the 6-8sec mark this track can cause a lot of issues for low bitrates LAME mp3s - I used CBR 64kbps and it was easily ABX'able.

On 11 sec there's some 'crashing' coin-like sounds that are interesting.  After about 13 secs when the drums & bass (very low bass which is also a good tester) kicks in there's some switching of sounds between the left & right channels.

It's a sample from a 21 min track - a very demanding song indeed and one that I use (amongst others) when auditioning HiFi separates.

TITLE = Timeless (The Full Canvas)
ARTIST = Goldie Presents Metalheads
ALBUM = Timeless
GENRE = Drum & Bass
ENCODER = EAC (Secure Mode) / FLAC 1.1.2