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Call for samples

I would like to use this thread to collect samples for the upcoming multi-format 64 kbps listening test.

Every musical style is welcome. The ideal duration is 15-20 seconds, the preferred encoders are Monkey's Audio, FLAC or WavPack.

Samples should be attached to this thread.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Call for samples
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Here are some samples I collected from the pre-test thread (/me loves IPB's multi-quote ):

I would like to suggest the following sample for the listening test:

Supertramp - School

The 19s sample I have uploaded contains acoustic guitars, piano, cymbals and bass.

I have good experience with this sample in revealing subtle difference between encodings.

Let me hear what you think about the sample.

If desired I can upload a 30s version of the sample.

I have two more candiates for listening test samples...

They are both exceptionally well mastered using the Blumlein technique where the entire sound picture is captured at a single point, carefully chosen to achieve the optimum balance between direct sound and reverberation.

This makes unnecessary all forms of electronic correction and manipulation and the music signal travels by the absolutely shortest possible path between the microphone and the final CD.

The first sample is recorded in an old stone church:

[a href="]Vaquero[/url]

The second sample is recorded in a jazz club:

Four Brothers

What's unussual with these recordings is their depth of image, timbre and dynamics.

For more info on the recording:

Opus3 Recordings

Yet another sample suggestion:

[a href="]Dire Straits - Iron Hand[/url]

IMO this sample could be very useful for this test. In particular he cause a lot of phasing problems with lame --preset cbr 128 and Vorbis low bitrates.

Download [a href="]HERE[/url]

Sample proposition: the beginning of "Money" by Pink Floyd.

I do not have it available, but I am sure some Pink Floyd fan could upload it.
Basically it is background music with coins and cash machine sounds. I think that the coins coud be interesting.
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[a href="][/url]

Anyone interested in Time?

Between the 6-8sec mark this track can cause a lot of issues for low bitrates LAME mp3s - I used CBR 64kbps and it was easily ABX'able.

On 11 sec there's some 'crashing' coin-like sounds that are interesting.  After about 13 secs when the drums & bass (very low bass which is also a good tester) kicks in there's some switching of sounds between the left & right channels.

It's a sample from a 21 min track - a very demanding song indeed and one that I use (amongst others) when auditioning HiFi separates.

TITLE = Timeless (The Full Canvas)
ARTIST = Goldie Presents Metalheads
ALBUM = Timeless
GENRE = Drum & Bass
ENCODER = EAC (Secure Mode) / FLAC 1.1.2

[a href="][/url]
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Call for samples
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Title: "Senor"
Artist: Paris Combo
Album: Living-room (1999)
Length: 17 seconds
Genre: Jazz
Description: on the far left side guitar, in centre female vocal, and on the right side drums which are joined by a soft trumpet. It is very easy to concentrate on the individual parts and spot possible artifacts. [ Specified attachment is not available ]
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Call for samples
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Could these samples help?
edit: Sample descriptions were written.
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Call for samples
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This sample is from a Audio Magazin Listening Test CD.

Title: Dinner at Woolfie's
Artist: Toscho (Blues Company)

Description: Electric instruments (guitar, organ, bass, base drum), claves, drums played with brush.

Caution: High dynamics at low frequencies!
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Call for samples
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My 2nd sample suggestion:

Title: Song For Guy
Artist: Elton John
Album: Greatest Hits

Description: Piano, Synthesizer, Electric bass, Bar Chimes

Both samples ripped with EAC Secure Mode + Test & Copy

Call for samples
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Hey, I'm not sure exactly if this sample would help any, but it just seems like with the switching of music types (going from acoustic to really hard very quickly) would be a problem for some encoders, and also maybe the long guitar note towards the end that seems to go in and out of phase.. anyways here you go..

Artist: Opeth
Album: Blackwater Park
Song: The Drapery Falls
Genre: Progressive Death Metal (Although I'm not sure if you could call Opeth this though..)

Call for samples
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Title: Just Like You Imagined
Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Album: The Fragile
Length: ~ 20 Seconds
Genre: Industrial Rock
Description:  Instrumental - Starts with heavy drums, synths, and bass, then breaks to a softer keyboard/bass/synth verse.

[ Specified attachment is not available ]

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Call for samples
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Sebastian Mares this sample is an instrumental from maná the title is coladito.
Is 20 sec as you requested.

MD5: e004223579af8c4a9b3238e1271335b3 Coladito.flac
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Call for samples
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Title: Message From Silence
Artist: Øystein Sevåg
Album: Close Your Eyes And See
Length: 20 Seconds
Encoder: FLAC 1.1.2

Call for samples
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I uploaded a few samples.

1. Cardinal - [Cardinal #05] Public Melody #1 [0:20]
2. Cocteau Twins - [Stars and Topsoil - A Collection (1982-1990) #05] Lorelei [0:20]
3. Everything But The Girl - [Home Movies: The Best #11] Imagining America [0:16]
4. Gang Of Four - [Entertainment ! #02] Natural's Not In It [0:15]
5. Thievery Corporation - [The Mirror Conspiracy #08] Samba Tranquille [0:15]
6. Tindersticks - [Tindersticks II #13] She's Gone [0:18]
7. Ween - [Voodoo Lady #04] Vallejo [0:20]
8. Yann Tiersen - [Le Phare #10] Les Jours Heureux [0:20]

If you encounter problems downloading one of these samples, feel free to contact me.
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Call for samples
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Some more from my side...

"Sebastian" is a pretty dynamic song with a symphony orchestra in the background.
"When a Blind Man Cries" has a sharp percussion at the beginning.
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Call for samples
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Another one which suffers from ringing.

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Call for samples
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I'd like to have a very tonal sample included in the test. Something without any attack: wind instrument, organ, string (violin, cello, gamba). It might appear as very easy to encode, but most lossy encoders have severe problems with this kind of signal. I have a good one. It's a violin, playing alone, with a tiny guitar (or theorbo) in background. Very nice recording (accoustic), natural.

Error on uploading
[span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%']file is temporary available here[/font]

Another sample, on the opposite, good revelator for encoders suffering from pre-echo issues. 'Exotic' drums and wind instrument, played by an interesting brazilian ensemble (UAKTI). Could advantage VBR encoder:

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Call for samples
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Error on uploading

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Call for samples
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Thanks for the samples people, I downloaded most of them already and am in the process of sorting them.

Call for samples
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Thanks for the samples people, I downloaded most of them already and am in the process of sorting them.
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Maybe, I am uploading this sample late; but, I think that is important, because he is very difficult to many CBR 128 mp3s encoders; he is very easy to ABX and produce serious audible flanging (in HIGH frequencies); Audioactive and Lame in 128 CBR are in the same situation.

[ Specified attachment is not available ]

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Call for samples
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Sample 1: Felicidade - Suba - A beginner's guide to world music, CD3
Piano and electronics intro with vocals

Sample 2: Elizabeth on the bathroom floor - Eels - Electroshock Blues
Soft guitar intro

Call for samples
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Can anyone with "One Night In Bangkok" (from "Murray Head") post the portion 3:20 - 3:40? I onlyhave the MP3.

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ]
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Call for samples
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I propose my old sample  I submitted for the latest AAC listening test

It's from a live concert.
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Call for samples
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I propose this short sample (only 13 seconds), I have no idea what kind of genre it belongs to, and I also don´t exactly why I propose it, but I personaly like it and for me it´s more or less easy to ABX it at 128kbps in the most formats/encoders.

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Call for samples
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If you are still interesting, I've upload some samples here before. I use these for my own ABX tests and it works for me very well.
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Call for samples
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The first 10 seconds of Covenant - Bullet would be good, too, but sadly I don't have lossless version. 
Here is the mp3 (lame 3.90, cbr 256, JS).
[ Specified attachment is not available ]
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Call for samples
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I think Sebastian has enough samples now - see here.

We don't wanna overload him!

Call for samples
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I think Sebastian has enough samples now - see here.

We don't wanna overload him!
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Yep, I think I have enough now. I would still be thankful if someone could post that portion of "One Night In Bagkok", though.