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Kernel Streaming bug with case's spec installer
Using the Kernel Streaming output after installing Case's special installer, 6 channel AAC files (encoded with the foobar2k Nero diskwriter plugin, with Nero installed) give this error:
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INFO (CORE) : location: "file://E:\Zen├ęk\mp3\Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon\06 - Money.mp4" (0)
ERROR (foo_out_ks) : KS output error: unable to start playback.

However, when using the Kernel Streaming output from the special installer, they play fine.

This happens on a Sound Blaster Live! with the original Creative drivers. No DSP plugins are used.

6 channel AC3 files work fine with both.

This puzzles me as foo_out_ks.dll has the same CRC from both installers.

When installing from Case's installer and the original installer, I did not select any optional plugins, only "enable per-user settings".

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Kernel Streaming bug with case's spec installer
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OK, I think I found out the problem. It lies in foo_input_std.dll.
My old Fb2k installer dates to 2004. august 2., this installer has a different version of this file, which works fine with these 6 channel AAC files.

The latest fb2k installer has a different version, which does NOT work with these files and gives the aformentioned error.
Yet another different version is in Case's installer too, which does NOT work either.

foo_input_std.dll dating 2004 july 24 from my old installer works fine.
foo_input_std.dll dating 2004 september 4 from the latest special installer does not work either.
foo_input_std.dll dating 2004 october 3 from Case's special installer does not work.

Additionally, these 6 chn AAC file ONLY works right with the foo_input_std.dll dating 2004 july 24. With both other versions, Kernel Streaming hangs, Waveout works but does no output, and Directsound does not output the front left and right speakers right (only does a "hiss" sound when it should play music). However, with the working file, it works with all 3 outputs.

working foo_input_std.dll is:
576000 bytes 20:20.48 2004-07-21 foo_input_std.dll crc: 7b33a71e

NOT working foo_input_std.dll from Case' special installer is:
552448 bytes 09:18.54 2004-10-03 foo_input_std.dll crc: ae5e875a

NOT working foo_input_std.dll from the special installer is:
553984 bytes 19:21.05 2004-09-04 foo_input_std.dll crc: a26ed85d

AC3 works fine, but that's handled by a different plugin altogether. ditto for DTS. I'm going to quickly encode somthing to 6 channel Vorbis and see if it works, afaik that one uses foo_input_std.dll as well.
EDIT: nope, doesn't happen in Vorbis either. only with the HE-AAC I encoded with the Foobar2k Nero diskwriter.
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Kernel Streaming bug with case's spec installer
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bump. here is the file info in case it helps:

bitrate = 512
samplerate = 44100
channels = 6
aac_profile = LC AAC
codec = AAC
tool = Nero AAC Codec
replaygain_track_gain = -6.84 dB
replaygain_track_peak = 0.996125
replaygain_album_gain = -5.07 dB
replaygain_album_peak = 0.996125
18491392 samples @ 44100Hz
File size: 26 931 762 bytes