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I do mass-transcoding from Monkey's Audio to Ogg Vorbis, and occasionally get an "invalid checksum" error. It's frustrating that the error message doesn't include the filename. So I've modified FOO_APE.DLL to put out the file location along with any error message. My thanks to Peter for his pointer as to the best approach to making the update. Seems to be working fine, so I thought I'd share it with anyone else who wanted the same thing.

This is probably only a temporary fix, as I believe that Peter plans to improve error messaging in general at version 0.9. But in the meantime it may be helpful for anyone using APE files.

Building foo_ape required using the Monkey's Audio SDK, and it would only link if I used the .NET version of C++, which in turn means that the C++ runtime library MSVCR71.DLL is required. The attached ZIP file includes MSVCR71.DLL as well as FOO_APE.DLL. If you don't already have MSVCR71.DLL, you need to install it somewhere in your path (probably WINDOWS\SYSTEM).