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Hardware other than iPod?
I've done some searching around this forum, and did a google search, but didn't see any info that helped. My question is this: are any companies other than Apple developing a portable mp4/aac player? My music is all encoded as iTunes M4A (encoded from my own CDs, not purchased, so DRM isn't an issue), and I was thinking of looking for a player some time in the future. Is iPod gonna be it for a long while, or are other companies developing stuff?

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Hardware other than iPod?
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Found this article, might help a bit:

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Hardware other than iPod?
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Most of Nokia's mobile phones play aac and newer ones even support mpeg-4 conatiner.

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Hardware other than iPod?
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I would whole-heartedly recommend a Rio Karma. I love mine and this is my second DAP. I hate iPods for various reasons.

However, AFAIK, no player other than the iPod plays mp4/aac. Hence you are stuck with it. You can consider re-ripping your music, but that's entirely upto you.

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Hardware other than iPod?
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I remember reading somewhere that Daisy Multimedia Diva Gem played back AAC files. kalmark said in this thread post 19 that it no longer does. But maybe you can still find one that could play AAC somewhere...
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Hardware other than iPod?
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Check out this CEBIT report:

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Hardware other than iPod?
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new Panasonic D-snap Audio presumably supports AAC. See  The storage medium are SD cards.

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Hardware other than iPod?
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A PocketPC (if you have use for the other functions, otherwhise i'll be too expensive) and Nero ShowTime Mobile

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Hardware other than iPod?
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I'm a little new to AAC/MP4/M4A, so I have a few questions.

I understand that:
-Advanced Audio Coding is the base codec used in MPEG-4 audio encoding. -Raw AACs themselves generally cannot (do not?) have tagging capabilities.. they are like a raw wave, but lossy
-MP4/M4A are AAC audio files inside an MPEG-4 container (although MP4 need not be audio, necessarily).

The questions I have are this:
Are MP4s and M4As the exact same data, or are they in different containers?
If a DAP/software plays back AACs, does that mean in plays M4A and MP4? How about the opposite?

And finally... if you change the file extension of an MP4 to M4A, does that make it an M4A, or are there other differences to the container?

Thanks for any info,